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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hello people :) i noe i haven post for a very long time so nw i shall do something.

on 8 aug, i went to sch in red shirt and jean. then we had the national celebration show in sch. after tt, we r dismiss at 9.30. i went home to get prepare to go to sentosa. my dad book a chalet in the resort. we invited my uncle family to stay wf us too. haha, we brought bike there but nv cycle. we kept playing arcade there. And swimming in the pool. the pool is very cute, it is a shape of a heart.

the next day, we woke up very early. and watch tv for a while be4 going to the beach. i dun like swimming at the beach so we just took a walk and enjoy the wind. then we went back to the chalet and swim in the pool in the resort. it was very cloudy so i did not get the sun tan as i wanted. then we went to take the tram ride in sentosa. then we go back tothe chalet and watch the ndp performance. wacth tv until very late and we were all very tired.

on 10 aug, we woke up very early again to get prepared to leave the chalet. nth much to post on 10 aug.

Oh ya, most importantly, Happy Birthday to Eleanor and Shirley!!!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007
oh ya, forget to say tt their eng lesson is very funny :) post again another day :)

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yea, i am back from china :)

Day 1,
haha, on the first day tt we leave spore 20/5/07, we board the plane, 4 hrs to guang zhou. dam boring on the plane loh, the show also nt nice de. so me, shu ling and wei siang started to play poker cards cos we sitting 2gether. anyway, i dun noe how to play blackjack de loh. den wei siang anyhow teach and i keep losing him loh. then at guang zhou, we waited for a while be4 we took another plane to Xian. Finally we reach Xian, on the way to the hotel. everywhere is quite dirty and run down so we expect our hotel to be old and dirty but when we reach there, Wow. nt bad. at least it is clean and nice. i was so tired, we went to our room and rest. then we wash up and go the the restaurant at fourth floor to makan. we r nt use to the food so our table eat very little and left a lot of foods. then we went to their supermarket to buy things wif the teacher. in the supermarket, u can see pic of idol everywhere. i like the Jay poster, so big. haha, i bought the titbits tt gt Jay's pic on it :)

Day 2,
shuling set the alarm so early in the morning but she did nt wake up, instead ask me to go toilet first. tt's y i am very tired at china cos i am always the first to wake up while she continue to slp cos she dun wan to wake up. then we went for breakfast at the 4 floor again. haha, i love the fried egg :) yummy. then we went to xian yang sch to tour around. their toilet is very smelly :(
we learn their dance and sing mo li hua and look at the art class. Their student also dance and sing for us to see. then we go back hotel. we have our dinner and went rene's room to write our dairy. we r very mad in the room and laugh like hell. i also forget wat we laughing very everythings seems so funny there and we r all very high. we watch Jin San Shun every nite in china. haha, i tink gt finish the whole series. i always slp at 12 to 1 at nite in china cos gt so many nice show to watch. shu ling slp very early so i always had to help her switch off the light after she fall aslp and charge her hp for her as she told me to do so. tt y i am dam tired everyday cos hav to help her do things and end up slp very late and morning wake up very early when her alarm go off and had to wash up while she slack and continue to slp and she finally wake up after i wash up and call her.

Day 3
Went Xian Yang sch for lesson in the morning. haha, the normal chi go to the normal class while the higher chi went to the smarter class. my buddy is in the smarter class so i nv get to talk to her 2day. in the class, i sit wif a gal call Huo Yu Di, and i happen to noe tt she is wei lin's buddy. she is quite pretty and friendly too. we nv talk at first cos shy shy ma. first lesson is eng, dam funny loh, the way the teacher speak. somemore hor, they r nt like spore de. here, the monitor hav to say stand and greet but there is stand by urself and greet and sit. the teacher nv even say anything. i dun noe at first so i wan sitting, then when teacher cum in, everybody stand and greet, be4 i even stand up, everyone sit down le. i was laughing cos eleanor is the same as me. They r learning how to use email in eng. my partner even ask her to help her do the workbook cos she lazy. haha, she praise me for doing so fast. but cos is very easy for us. anyway, we had chi and history. sia la, their chi we dun understand cos they learning poems, i tink. then they hist is totally different from spore de. they say tt Stalin is a gd man. haha, tt is so funny. anyway they use blackboard and the dust fly around when they wipe it. their lesson is 45 min and break for 10 mins so we had 3 lesson only and went back to hotel to makan lunch. eleanor sit in front of me and rene sit behind me so u will hear more things abt them in the next 2 days.

Day 3,
the weather is dam cold 2day. is like genting. i didn't noe tt it was so cold so i went out without a sweater so in sch, i was very cold. we had geo, chi and eng again. the eng is another fun lesson. there is a question tt goes like tis, Did Li Lei (he/she) finished the work? something like tt. then the teacher answer is he, so we riot and told her tt Li Lei is suppose to be a gal. but she dun wan to listen. then i brought sweets to the sch and eat. i let eleanor eat first and we had to pass it under table so it is very funny. then i giv my partner eat and she had to lower her head under the table be4 she dare to eat so i ask her to learn from me. i put the sweat in my plam and fake cough wif my plam to my mouth and eat the sweat so the ppls around all laugh when i did tt. i dunno wat is so funny loh. haiz, they really dunno how to eat in class de sia. then the chi teacher turn around and ask our area wat is so funny so they hide they laughter and listen to the lesson. the gal beside rene's say tt i am lively. haha... we r suppose to hav PE tt day but the weather is very cold so we postponed to day 4.

Day 4,
2day is the last day tt we hav to sit for their lesson so i am very happy. 2day, we get to study wif our buddy so i had very happy. my buddy is call Ma Rui Xue. she is very nice sia. she is smart and hyper. she ask me lots of things abt spore and she told me to teach her eng in eng class. then when i speak to shuling they all in eng, she told me tt she is very jealous cos we can speak very fast. there after second lesson, we bring me, rene, sher and shu ling to the mini market in their sch and i bought sweets and marshmallow. yummy. we ate sweat in class again and then after 3 period of lesson, we went back to hotle to eat lunch and went back to sch again. we learn Wu Shu for PE lesson, we run 1 round around the field and start learning wu shu. then after learn, we gt 1 and half hr free time to play watever we wan. so i choose badminton wif sher, man hui and shu ling. we also invite ms chua to play wif us. then mr. Lin also join us, he claim tt he is from badminton club and his skills is very gd. so i had a match wif him and i won. haha, he has been calling me national player/ guo shou after the game. but then he also claim tt he is from volleyball, soccer team when he play game wif the others. then we went to the shops outside the sch and buy things. i bought dolphin necklance and lots of other things. then we went back to the hotel wif a lots of things. the old tv program says tt there will be ''The Eye 10" at nite. so me, shuling, Li Yi, Sam and Si Qi went Si Qi room to play a prank at li ping. haha, we rush into the room, shouting tt we r here to watch The Eye 10 so Li Ping faster went into the toilet and hide. we mute the tv and kept silent for a while. then we shout, the show start alr, so scary. dun Li Ping make no noise in the toilet. haha, then i say our some part of the scary part cos i watch be4. but the tv is actually show a familly eating cucumber so li yi cant control her laugher but she laugh silently. then we use our shoe to drag across the floor and moan at the same time. then we make sign and count to 3 and scream on top of our lung. haha, then li ping in the toilet ask us dun be lame. but i tink she is really scare cos we stay there quite long but she dun dare to cum out. finally we flip the channel and cum across a channel tt show a gal weeping and we unmute it. the background music is dam spooky and we turn the volume to very loud for Li Ping to hear. haha, then we r tired of play so we went back to our own room to bath.

Anyway, i love meal time. laughing along wif wei lin, yee chuang, sam, li yi, si qi, wen leng, shu ling and li ping. haha, i love telling ghost stories there cos some1 is scare of ghost at our tables so we keep making fun of her. meal time is always very fun and funny.

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Friday, May 11, 2007
haiz, 1 more days be4 exam is over. so tired. sure fail both sciences and amath le :( so worry. i tink i only can pass 1 sub, which is POA... after exam is goin to be so fun, so many program line up alr :)

going china for sch exchange program on 20 to 29 May. go shopping :) yeah, haha. at least tis is something to look forward to. we get back our report bk when we cum back so go enjoy be4 sad first... haha, looking forward to go china but i will miss my friends and family in spore :) dun worry, i will buy lots of things back for every1 :) but provided there is enough time to shop :) alr start buying things for the trip tis few days.

Mon still gt phy paper 1 and hist. sun den study, tis 2 days play and watch tv first :) YEAH!!!

i will post more abt china trip again when i cum back to spore on 30 May :) cos we will be reaching spore at 11 pm on 29 May.

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Friday, April 06, 2007
last thur, 5/4/07, we had our sport day. went there and do nth. only had xin hui, syd and cindy to company me. dam boring. after tt we went for lunch and bowling. everytime i went bowling wif them, i only sit and watch cos i dunno how to play but tis time they encourage me to try so i try loh. haha, my first few throw go into drain :) but getting btr and i also strike so i am happy wif the result for first time :) very fun :) haha...

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Friday, March 30, 2007
i went to camp last thurs 22/3/07 to sat 24/3/07. i totally love it. haha, it was very fun and lovely. i love both of the instructor, Reave and Yin Hong if i am nt wrong. thay r both cute and funny. emm, the fun part is the first day outdoor cooking. it was raining then the maggie noodle also dunno gt rain water go in or nt. then the slping part is the most funny one. me, wen leng, rene and shermeen quarrel with 3 pple cos no space but serve them right. i totally dun like them. i dun think they bath cos their hair is very dry after bathing time. then they xiao 1 loh, take pic in the middle of the night and it was so noisy loh. i have learn something and it was, dun ever crack joke to wen leng at nite. she will laugh very loudly and i wun be able to slp after tt. then the second day of ourdoor cooking, i nv eat cos all the guys eat a lot so nt enough food. i only eat 2 banana if nt cant survive for the whole day without food. then the second day bathing time gt frog in the toilet, scare us loh. but tis is the 1 time tt i can bath in camp so clean. nomally hav to 2 ppl bath at the same time but tis time can choose. i love the indoor camp fire, it was a nice experience. i wan the glow stick but dun hav le, so sad. overall, the camp was very fun and i got to noe more abt my classmate.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007
emm, let see. i also dunno wat to write. have been very lazy to post tis few months :) haha, but so many pple wan me to post, if dun post will kana kill by them, jkjk :) ok, holiday only left 3 days and i haven do any hw yet. haiz, so worry...

oh ya, i haven thx many pple who give me bday present and wish me happy bday de :) haha, i love all ur presents :)

ok, i shall go and play O2jam nw :0 i am so addicted to it :)

tmr mus go math tuition. haha, everytime go there will have so many funny things happen.

For gloria, next time when we go out hor, i have sooo many funny things to tell u. abt Alots of things ;) dunno u get it all nt :)

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Saturday, December 30, 2006
i went nite safari wif my family yesterday. haha, nt bad la, quite fun de. we went for the tram ride then stop at east lodge and went for a walk. after tt, we continue our tram ride. we saw a big black bear. haha, it is so cute. We saw lots of deer and 1 of them is the very huge man. haha, eat deer meat sure gt a lot 1 but of course i dun bear to eat them de :) haha, then we went to the gift shop to browse around. i saw 1 glass dolphin bottle opener which look so dam nice. i faster buy it. haha, it is so nice man. hehe, i gt another dolphin to join the family le :) so happy. Then we went to eat "Ben and Jerry'' ice-cream. yum yum :)

2day, i went toa payoh to cut my hair. it is quite short nw. tt lady loh, so bad. i tell her dun wan so short but she still cut. nvm la, quite nice :) really mus thx rene for bringing me there :) haha, thx u gal :)

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